Advancements in dentistry mean that dentures today are more discreet than ever before

When it comes to dentures, do you associate them with the elderly? While they are a great option for those who have lost teeth due to the ageing process as they provide support for the cheeks and lips, reducing the appearance of sagging, advancements in dentistry mean that today, they could be the right solution for you too.

Dentures can be used to replace any number of teeth. If you wish to replace one or two, you will require a partial denture. However, if it is a significant number of teeth that you are missing, you will need a complete denture.

At Bell Yard Dental we know that losing teeth can be upsetting. It is for that reason we fit two different types of denture, so that you can leave us looking and feeling great.

Classic Dentures

Classic dentures consist of a base plate (typically made from metal or acrylic) which has the necessary number of ‘false teeth’ set into it. It is made to fit your mouth perfectly – latching on to your remaining teeth and gums – and is comfortable, easy to adapt to and the most hygienic option regarding dentures.

Flexible Dentures

While classic dentures are rigid, flexible dentures are made from a mouldable gum coloured base. This base extends over the gums and if measured correctly, will provide you with a natural, metal-free smile.

The main advantage of flexible dentures is that they are almost impossible to break. Additionally, they require very little muscle control and are very comfortable to wear.

Please note : When you visit our practice, if you are interested in dentures your dentist will discuss your options with you, answer any questions you have and always advise you about which type of mouth wear is best suited to your needs.