Practically Invisible Braces for Just Six Months?!

If you’re looking to get straighter teeth, the average orthodontic treatment takes at least a year. But many people don’t like the look or feel of traditional metal braces and don’t want to commit to a year treatment. There are also adults who want to improve their smiles but think braces will make them look unprofessional and feel self-conscious. That’s why Bell Yard Dental offers a Six Month Smile treatment so you can have practically invisible braces for half the traditional time frame.

We use tooth-coloured braces and wires on the teeth that can be seen so that they are almost invisible to the eye! Because of our focus on the teeth that can be seen instead of your whole mouth, we can improve your smile quicker than the average procedure because who doesn’t love faster results?

To begin the process, molds will be taken of your teeth so that our expert lab technicians can create a brace that will apply just the right amount of pressure to move your teeth to their desired position.

Whether you work with Dr. Dhanani or Dr. Patel, they will be attentive to your concerns and discuss the appropriate treatment and plan for you.

The Six Month Smiles treatment plan is perfect for teenagers who want invisible braces or for adults who want to improve their smile for improved self-esteem or even to look better at important events like weddings or milestone birthday parties.

So are you ready to have a new and improved smile in only six months? Don’t hesitate give us a call today!

To schedule an appointment for the Six Months Smile treatment, call us at 020 7831 1002 or email us at For more information on the Six Months Smile treatment or our other orthodontic services visit our website at //

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