Is there a dentist near me who can fix the gap in my teeth?” The answer is yes – at Bell Yard Dental our experienced bridge dentists can help you get rid of unsightly gaps in your smile.

If you do have missing teeth, but not enough to justify dentures, or if the missing teeth is only on one side of your mouth, then a bridge is a great way to improve your smile’s appearance.

A dental bridge works by anchoring itself to the teeth either side of a gap, so it quite literally bridges the gap in your mouth.

Before getting this treatment, you will need to come for a bridge consultation with our experienced dentists to assess whether or not this is the best option for you. An alternative to a bridge is to get a dental implant which, if looked after, can last a lifetime.

Also, if you should ever lose teeth unexpectedly, then an emergency bridge can be fitted at Bell Yard Dental to fix your smile straight away.

To book a bridge consultation, routine appointment or other service such has whitening, or dental implants, simply book through our online booking system today, or call us on 0207 831 1002.